The Blogger Etiquette is a digital platform dedicated to helping you get clear on your vision, and push you towards creating meaningful content that you’re passionate about. You’ll learn how to create a brand that's not just about logos and pretty colors. But inventing a language that connects you to your audience, while remaining authentic to yourself! You will discover how to organically build a tribe of people who are eager to know you, and see the content you create. But most of all, The Blogger Etiquette is designed to equip you with the tools and resources you need to discover your blog’s purpose and lead a life you’re most passionate about!



The Blogger Etiquette reader is a multi hyphenated millennial woman. Her passion and creativity makes it hard to simply box her in. She’s a cross between goal-getter and girl boss and loves learning all things blogging, creativity and content creation. She’s passionate, determined, ambitious, and dreams up ways of how she can add value to the lives of her audience. She’s not perfect, and maybe even doubt herself at times; But she’s determined to learn, grow, and do the work. The Blogger Etiquette reader is eager to live out her dreams, create killer content, and ultimately build a brand that impacts and inspires the world around her. Sounds like you?