6 Key Habits of Great Content Creators

6 Key Habits of Great Content Creators

In the world of blogging, "knowing" often isn't enough. There are many who know how to do a great number of things, but it's the "doing" that really separate the average bloggers, from the successful ones. So put together a list of 7 key habits of great content creators, and how you can apply some of these habits to your every day life!

1. They Prioritize Their Commitments 

Many of us have filed our to-do list with endless commitments be it work related, our homes, school, at our place of worship, hobbies, and the list go on. But great content creators understand that activity does necessarily mean productivity. They know that “literally” doing a lot of things, doesn’t mean they are making significant progress, or actually getting anything “done.”

 So they prioritize their commitments and establish boundaries. Whether it’s staying off of social media to complete a blog post, or choosing to stay in on a weekend to create their editorial calendar. The best content creators are intentional about how they choose to spend their time in order to meet their goals and get the job done.  

Action plan: Just say no. For the most part, We're always taught never to say no. "No is rude. No is impolite, a rebuttal. No is for drugs and strangers with candy.” But in order to take your work, and your blog to the next level, you must learn how and when to say no to the things that don’t bring you closer to your bottom line. 

So don’t work yourself up about missing this girl’s trip (trust me, Mexico isn’t going anywhere.) Instead, before you rush into meaningless commitments, ask yourself, " how much ‘less' will I create unless I say ‘no'? 

2. They Focus On One Goal 

 Reducing the number of goals you have does not mean you have to limit to your dreams or to tone down your ambition. However, when you narrow down your goals perhaps to even maybe two or three, you improve your focus and are able to fully dedicate your time and energy to a specific thing (and crushing it).  Great content creators don’t try to pursue 20 different goals all at once because they know that eventually leads to burnout (and they may even give up altogether). Instead, they pick a few specific and measurable goals and give it their ALL. 

Action Plan: Write down 3 goals you have for your blog this quarter (no matter how big or small). Then give these goals specific deadlines. Start with what you want to accomplish each month, then each week, and then finally what you need to do every 24 hours in order to get there. This helps you eliminate distractions, avoid burnout, and remain thorough in the work you create! 

3. They Establish a Work-Flow

Ever found yourself sitting at your laptop, and 8 hours later you haven’t accomplished a single thing? Yeah, me neither. Needless to say, not much work gets done when you choose to “go with the flow.” Because without a concrete workflow, you’ll find yourself being really busy, but not the least bit productive. 

The most successful content creators understand that in order to get the most out of their day, they must establish a healthy workflow. That is creating an outline of your workday, and sticking to that schedule. This also helps them create a balance between their work life and their real life. 

Action Plan: Write down what your typical workday looks like, and describe how you feel by the end of this day. Do you feel calm and accomplished? Or do you find yourself searching for more time? (yeah, we’ve all been there). If you’re crushing your goals, great! 

But if you find yourself being the latter, you need to establish a concrete workflow. That is deciding what comes first, when, and how you plan on completing each task. For example, creating a workflow for photo editing. This can look like

- Plugging in hard drive

- Opening Lightroom

- Creating a new file/ catalog/ folder etc

- Uploading content from memory card

- Editing 20 photos with a specific preset

- Exporting to folder etc.

The more you follow a specific way of working, the easier it is to stay on the task at hand and not only complete your goals, but get MORE done.

5. They Create Consistently

Great Content creators understand that although content is key, consistency is key! 

Creating the content isn’t enough. What really separates the wheat from the chaff is “Consistency.” Great content creators don’t rest on their laurels because they had one viral post.  No matter how viral your last post or video was, I assure you people forget rather quickly. So what good is unique content if you only show up randomly every other month? 

Trying to find the balance between posting too much, and the not enough can often feel like a difficult thing. But I find that the best bloggers have found that happy medium.  And in doing so, they consistently share content that not only attracts new readers, but builds their trust because they know what exactly to expect, and how often they are going to get it!

Action Plan: In order to establish the habit of consistent creating, schedule 15 minutes of your day (every day), and just write. Whether it’s pen to paper or on your laptop. Because you can always edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank one. Then create a content calendar, and every month create deadlines for writing posts, editing, and publishing, making graphics etc Then stick to it! 

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6. They Always Keep Their Reader in Mind

The content creators that stand out the most, are often the ones that create content that specifically caters to their audience. They always keep their reader in mind, and focus their content on addressing the needs, and problems of their avatar. 

Action Plan: Track your analytics on a regular basis and measure the performance of your blog posts. Which articles get the most views and engagement? What topics or categories do your audience love? Then use this insight as a guideline for your future posts.  This helps you know exactly what your reader is looking for, so you can create more of it! 

What do you think are some habits of great content creators?